We touch them all - all receivables are pursued.
eReceivables® is the leading Specialty Servicer of Healthcare Claims. Our clients are some of the largest and most respected hospitals and healthcare provider groups. We use technology and our proprietary, patented eAppeals® process to improve their revenue cycle management processes with respect to their more difficult claims. eReceivables® has found through the focused use of technology applied to the area of healthcare claims, we can improve the absolute rate of collection and its predictability. Our technologies combined with our systematic processes have enabled us to become the experts in the most problematic area of claims – low dollar balance recoveries.

Do you have cash flow Issues? Talk with eReceivables® about financing your claims.
eReceivables® Services
BILLING: Physicians, Rural Hospitals, DME, Laboratory

Why use eReceivables®' billing services? There are hundreds of billing companies who can bill your claims. Only eReceivables® can back up and support your billing with our patented appeals process.
Review the case studies presented demonstrating why you should be using a Specialty Servicer rather than a typical billing and collection organization to maximize the collection of your healthcare claims and the predictability of those collections... read more
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